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The best way to connect with your patients is by using the most effective patient educational tools. This way your patients are alleviated of any fears about dental implant treatment and they can make an informed decision based on their dental implant needs. In order to be consistent with your education, you need a system to assist you in outlining the variety of procedures by providing visual aids, and communicating important information. ImplantVision has the answer: The Patient-VU - Dental Implant Patient Education system that includes custom DVD’s, software, consent forms, and videos for your website..
Dr. Dowd's testimonial on ImplantVision's dental implant patient education “When I recently saw ImplantVision I found that it explains much more regarding implants, bone grafting, and implant retained prosthetics than any of the other three patient educations programs I use.

Not only is it much more complete in this regard, it explains these procedures simply enough for patients to easily understand with animated graphics. The animated graphics and accompanying narration motivate patients to accept treatment better than any of the other programs we use. Anyone placing implants or even just restoring implants should have ImplantVision to increase your acceptance.”
  Dr. Loyd Dowd
Cosmetic Dentist
Whether your patients are sitting in the waiting room, surfing the internet, sitting in your office, or relaxing on their own couch, you can educate them on dental implants with our Patient-VU system.
Patient-VU PC, Dental Implant Patient Education Software
Patient-VU PC patient education software has everything you need to deliver impressive, effective, and efficient dental implant consultations, and it’s all in one easy to use software program that takes minutes to install. Impress your patients with patient-friendly, informative videos on dental implants. Once you have completed your dental implant consultation using Patient-VU PC, you can send full color printable brochures home with your patients included in our software.
“ImplantVision software has allowed me to efficiently educate my patients in a non-intimidating fashion. My assistants go through the narrated presentations and then I examine the patient and discuss details.
It is so much more effective and efficient to discuss treatment with an educated patient! The software has been a wonderful addition to my implant practice.”
Dr. Ross Wlodawsky
Oral Surgeon
Want to increase your dental implant case acceptance? When Patient-VU PC and WEB are integrated you can e-mail personalized presentations to your future patients so they can learn about dental implants as soon as they open their e-mail. This way your patients won’t need to visit other Doctors websites to get the information they need about dental implants.
Patient-VU WEB, Dental Implant Patient Education Website Software
Patient-VU WEB will also assist you in reaching your online patients by linking your website to our gallery of world class 3D animated presentations. Provide your patients with the luxury of viewing the fundamentals of implant dentistry with family and friends from the comfort of their own home – 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.
Dr. Schroering's testimonial on ImplantVision's dental implant patient education
“I have just started using ImplantVision and I am very pleased with the results. I wanted an education system that had audio with the animation to provide a consistent message. I also wanted a system that my patients could go home and use this to help explain their treatment to their significant other. This system is the only one that met both criteria.
ImplantVision is simple to use and I would recommend this to anyone.”
Dr. Rob Schroering
Implant Dentist & Periodontist
What about your patients who don’t have the internet? You can provide your patients with Patient-VU DVD! Please read on...
Patient-VU DVD, Dental Implant Patient Education Videos on DVD
Patient-VU DVD gives you the competitive edge, leaving your patients mesmerized at the professionalism of your practice. Brochures are easily thrown away, but with Patient-VU DVD you can reach your patients’ friends and family for years to come. How will they know you gave them the DVD? We customize the DVD to include your picture and/or logo, and all your contact information. Your practice name is also seen on every video presentation!
“I have given my DVD to referring doctors, and it has been the most professional reference and introduction to me I could ask for. My patients are coming into my office educated on implants before I even meet them!”
Jin Kim
Patient-VU Platinum System
I want it all! You can purchase our Platinum System which includes: Patient-VU WEB, DVD, PC and FORMS. This package is your best tool to educate and market to your patients. Put your best foot forward with everything you need to connect with your patients, build strong relationships, and create strong referral relationships!
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