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Patient-VU PC dental implant patient education software
Consultation Software for Your Office

Patient-VU PC by ImplantVision has everything you need to deliver impressive, effective, and efficient dental implant consultations - and it’s all in one easy to use software program that takes minutes to install.


“You were ‘right on’ when you claimed ImplantVision would pay for itself in weeks. Patients really appreciate the content, format, and ease of use. The videos, consent forms, and printable brochures are perfect. Understanding implant dentistry through ImplantVision affords my patients quick and reliable means of honing in on the treatment they desire. A real bargain in my book.”
Dr. J.C. Kline
General Dentist
Today, both Clinician’s and patient’s value their time more than ever. The modern consumer (your patient) lives a busy life. They are looking for the dental implant facts – FAST. If we lose their attention then we have lost an opportunity to treat them. The chairside patient education consultation may be the only opportunity to help a potential patient see the value of dental implant treatment.
Consultation Software for Your Office
Features and Benefits
Start educating your patients today on dental implants with a library of comprehensive 3D animations and elegantly narrated video presentations.
“Point and click” easy to use interface
Professionally narrated presentations
High quality 3D animated video
“Play All” mode for unattended continuous play (ideal for waiting room)
Full color printable brochures
Show your own clinical photos & powerpoint presentations with the click of a button
Email personalized presentations (When subscribed to Patient-VU WEB)
Patient-VU WEB's easy to use interface
Full Color Printable Brochures
Once you have finished your patient education consultation, you can print out dental implant brochures included in Patient-VU PC that are exact screen shots of the presentation you just delivered. Therefore, you can provide your patients all the important information they need to make the decision to move forward with dental implants.
E-Mail Personalized Presentations
Dental implant patient education printable brochures
(When Subscribed to Patient-VU WEB)
Looking to promote your services to more patients? The internet is the most popular method of marketing at present. With Patient-VU PC you can e-mail clips of the videos you use in your dental implant consultations to potential patients, and show them why they should consider dental implants.
“The email feature is great! I like how you can customize the presentation and receive a confirmation email. I have used this a lot! I also like that you can send a copy to the referring doctor as well.
I am truly amazed with your product. It is such a great tool for my patient to fully understand dental implants.”
Anthony J. Rega
Oral Surgeon
“Play All” Mode
What are your patients doing while they are passing time in your waiting room? Worrying about getting dental implants? Why not help alleviate some of their worries and show Patient-VU PC in your waiting room. You can select the “Play All” Mode, which then loops all the dental implant videos so your patient is already informed before they reach your consultation room or operatory.
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