For Names of Dentists providing the testimonials below, contact us at sales@implantvision.net
Implant Vision has been a great adjunct to our practice.Perfect level of education for most patients.I was just telling my team how much better than Implant Vision is compared to other programs (way too graphic w/ scalpel,etc.)
Excellent patient education tool. keep improving
Very innovative and informative
Direct, simple, educative
Keep it up. you have an excellent product.
Great asset to our practice!
I rest better just knowing that my patients have the opportunity to sign off on agreed to treatment.
We use it for every patient and our case-conversion rate has soared.
Implant Vision is very clear and easy to understand for the patients! When the patients is in the chair after the Doctor's recommendation of implants, we use Implant Vision followed by Video Testimonials of our patients, and they are a great 1-2 punch! We are very pleased with your products.
Easy to use and understand for the patient. Well thought out and illustrated. I am very happy with this product and using this product with my digital xrays of cases already done has been helpfull
I love Implant vision.... the software is amazing and it definetly helps the patient better understand the procedure
I love the fact that all the info is in my website.
It really has helped me in making my consultations consistant
Simply a time saver !!
Always profession, top notch, courteous, delivers on time what is promised, reasonable fees
Great product
Your products have really impressed my patients!
Good quality, easy to navigate
I show implant vision to EVERY implant patient treatment planned. It is very informative.
Great graphics!
IV really helps for patient education
I love this system. I can show things to a patient while doing a consultation, then tell them they can view the same thing on my website to review themselves or with their spouse. The flow sheet you gave me to check off pertinent topics for them is a great adjunct.
Wonderful to play if I have to leave the room- my assistant takes over
For me it is very important, instructive and help any dental office to increase implant patients.
Nicely developed images are better than a million words to show treatment alternatives to patients. Congrats, great product
Your tutorials are very helpful for our patients.
Great job!
An excellent tool that receives great feedback for our patients.
ImplantVision is an esential tool for an implant practice. It saves surgery time & increases treatment uptake. The DVD reinforces the message at home & allows partners to share the decision on which treatment to go for. Implants can be a considerable investment for patients but often the financial decision maker is a partner who is poorly informed about what is being suggested. We use it almost every day & it paid for itself in the first week. Love it!
Implants represent the future of dentistry and we must teach their existence in an unthreatening way. I feel ImplantVision does this well!
Impresses patients , and patients are happy to view it in their comfort zone.
Great job!
Well done, the patients understand and learn from your presentations.
Showing the videos to my clients, facilitate my rapport to them.
Your sales staff is very profesional and corteous. Your design team is excellent.
The presentations realy get patients to understand what implants are all about. It makes my case presentations a lot easier
It provides an easy way for patients to understand complicated surgeries. the consequences of missinf teeth sections have really helped hit home the importance of replacing a tooth root and also how more conventional forms of dentistry do not accomplish this .
Great Animation and explaination
I like theconsent forms.
Its a great short and pointed illustration of processes
An outstanding product
Time savings, exelent pictures for the patiens
ImplantVision saves me so much time presenting implant treatment to patients. My case acceptance has increases and my time involved has decreased. Thanks for a great product!!
Great job! Your interactive presentations have assisted my patients' understanding of implant surgery tremendously!
Nice graphics....not too technical for patient
Simple and easy to use
It has helped my patient and the public to get more educated about implant by checking my web site and going on implant vision.
I think you have a great product, and I look forward to bringing future success
It is a time saving material and very educational
Patients own radiographs and photos must be added and implants or prosthetic components could be drawn or pasted to original radiographs or photos
Like they say: "A picture is worth a thousand words." Patients have a much clearer understanding once they have seen the ImplantVision educational material.
I love your program. It helps me explain in simple words what implants are about.
Nice and clean, very usefull, easy to understand, extremly helpfull, I especially like the option for my website!
Your desire for and delivering an exceptional educational experience for the unknowledgeable patient is a great help.
Simplicity is elegant.
The contents are easy to understand and get the points across to patients quickly and effectively :) I use my Mandarin version many times more than the English version.
I love the video presentation. Patient ask alot less question and more focus on accepting the treatment plan.
It is very educative both to the patients and the entire dental team. It is great. It explains all you and your patient need to know about the "magic" in dental Implant.
I was a newbie implantologist and added ImplantVision Web and Inofficesoftware programs. My Implant acceptance rate went way up. I attribute this to patient comprehension of procedure. Implant Vision is simple for patients.
This system has been an amazing addition to our pt education armementarium. When pts understand...they want to proceed! Excellent product!
pts have a better understanding of implants and really helps with the acceptance of treatment plans
Great for patients that are undecided
Doing great work! The fact that you stirve to continually improve you product is very important. Addtionally, incorporating end users is essential. Good Job!!!
It's been very educational for my patient's to see each step of the implant process. With the DVD, almost all the patients are accepting the bone grating.
It made a nice touch to complete my presentation to the patients and saves time in explaining procedures. Nice graphics too :)
I haven't fully used implant vision yet. I am using the DVD (continuous loop in reception, and as give aways0, and that has been a blast!!!
I am just getting involved in the surgical placement of implants and your software is helpful in communicating effectively with potential candidates.
We just got this in our practice and aren't ready to give feedback quite yet... I anticipate it will be a very useful tool in case presentation and an added feature on the website
Simple language and good graphics
This is a fantastic software, I love the fact there are multiple languages, to help the pt understand what's going on and the benefits of doing the treatment.
I appreciate the great job you've done so far.
User friendly and easy to train staff members. Multi-language function is helpful for patients
Definitely helpe our team sell implants, teaches them as well as patients.
Great illustrations and patients love going to my website to find out more about implants.
Your videos give clear and concise explanation of the procedures and that is why i like them
It is really helpful.keep it up
The simplicity is key! Patients do not like to be confused. Simpler breeds case acceptance in video.
There is only so much a patient can absorb during their initial implant consult. I feel ImplantVision is a valuable tool that a patient can later visit to better inform themselves. I have also had a great response when I tell referring dentist about our website and the fact that the can use it to educate their patient.
Hey, the videos are great and really demonstrate what is involved with the procedures, but you guys know you put out a great product. I bought it and that is the best compliment that I can give you. Thanks for doing a great job.
Saves me time visuals help patients understand treatment procedures and rationale for approach toward their treatment
I love that a patient can really get a crystal clear image of the words im trying to express about the benefits of dental implants. Explaining implant therapy without a patinet being able to visually picture the procedure makes it impossible without showing them drawn pictures or models and even then they just dont get. Implant vision makes it a no brainer even for the person with a poor dental iq.
The ability to educate patients and have them fully understand the implant procedure by watching a non-grusome video that looks virtually pain-free.
It works better than my hygienist and partner in explaining patient options
I really like the animation. You cover the topic well in just a few minutes. If I explain it, I always talk to long and complicate the process
Very nice videos. Sales rep are great, always willing to help.
I appreciate your efforts to improve the product even further. Everyone has been very professional and helpful.
Best part of my website!
I utilize the movies for viturally every implant consultation. It is the best informational and motivational resourse I've found. Patients really find it helpful.
Love the web application
It is a great tool to educate both my patients and staffs.
Contents are clear, short and very informative.
Implant vision are at the cutting edge of the industry. A proactive company making maximum use of the fantastic technology available to help practiotners build their Practice and patients understand their treatment.
The point of marketing is to "quicken the sales cycle." Implant vision helps to do this.
Patients really respond to the animated descriptions and they break it down into what I call words of one syllable so it's understandable.
Of the implant presenter systems I have seen - the verbage and style of yours fits how I say things better - therefore the end result is that your system is a better re-enforcement of the info and concepts presented to patients
Great product , keep it up
It is clear with out the graphic details associated with surgery
The videos have been a great addition to my patient/referral network educational capabilities. I've received positive feed-back and believe it adds to my credability as the "expert".
It's simple and easy to be understood by my patients.
You rock!
I find that even if pt doesnt want to go with implant tx, they at least better understand what a bridge or a partial denture is.
My patients and staff really love it.
I have been working for years , making my own little drawings and loosing time instructing patients . now i just run the implant vision while I continue with other treatment .
Great to know you care and are available for help,etc.
Great graphics
Really happy with ur service,it is quick@good.Thank u 4 the great video,easy to understand by patients.Saves lots of time.
Just placed the order today, but looking forward to having it implemented in our practice.
I am having difficulty with the inadequate perio material on the internet version. This was the premise for which I purchased the program.
It makes it easier for the patient to understand the concept of the procedure.
Easy to use and patient friendly
Very patient friendly and using terminology a patient can understand, I like that it can be attached to my web site
It makes our implant presentations to patients easier. Answers a lot of questions bfore they are asked.
It works.
This has had a positive impact for not only our patient's but referring doctors to show theirs. The narratives I believe gives it the premier choice for educating the patient.
Good videos makes it easier to explain implant treatments
Very good
It sells implants!
The intresting short films!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like how much it shortens my implant consultations by answering questions w/ more clarity than i can provide w/ just a verbal explanation.
I like the audio female voice. It is calming and soothing.
Es muy buen programa!!!!
I like that I can tell the new patients to go to our website and learn about implants.
It is informative and simple for the patients. Thank you for making it easy for us.
Patients are able to see dental implant procedures in a manner very simple for them to understand
It provides fast, specific information for my patients; it's much better than a video presentation.
I use it now on a flat screen in the reception area on a continuous loop - it's great patient education.
Thanks for making effort
Easily and comprehensive demos for my patients. you did a great job, all of you!
Implant Vision has been very effective in patient education. Patients particularly like the DVD I send home with them and it reinforces my treatment. I had a lady who was unsure about treatment, and I gave her the DVD to take home. She returned the following day to schedule and even prepaid for 5 implants. This software is great.
Good customer service, well executed production of customized dvd's
A fantastic tool for educating my patients. The web-Vu is invaluable
They have been very friendly and helpful I hope I can take advantage of all you have to offer
A picture is worth a thousand words and that's what ImplantVision provide patients. A necessary tool to educate patients.
Great work, easy to follow. But be more neutral with the comments on other treatment options, eg, bridge abutment is not really agressively prepared if done right.
For Names of Dentists providing the testimonials above, contact us at sales@implantvision.net


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